Thursday, December 10, 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Self Made Palette | Blogmas Day 10

Anastasia Beverly Hills has come out with quite a few palettes the last year and a half and I've been continuously impressed. Each one has been better than the previous one in my opinion and the newer Self Made palette is no exception. I recently picked this up and it's been a new favorite of mine for about two weeks now. 

The packaging on this one is super elegant. It's a black textured case made of a leathery plastic. The brand logo is engraved on a silver metal plate right in the middle. It's thin and compact and feels quite heavy for a small palette, not the least bit cheap. And this one has a usable mirror, unlike older ABH palettes like the Amrezy and Tamana palettes which have cardboard mirrors that kind of warp the image. 

The nice thing about this palette is it comes with 14 shades as opposed to the usual 12 in ABH palettes. It's mostly shimmer and metallics, but two mattes are included, Buttery, a pale cream, and Hot a Chocolate, an earthy deep red-brown. I like that Pink Champagne is included since it was a favorite in the Shadow Couture palette. There's two bright pops of color also. Deep Purple is a pretty violet with an iridescent sheen and Isla is a gorgeous shimmery sea foam green. 

There are a few neutral metallic shades such as Treasure, Hot & Cold and Self Made. I would have preferred a totally matte black but Spirit Rock is still a nice shade despite the glitters throughout. I would have liked some lighter matte transition shades but this palette has none, but I don't mind digging for another shadow elsewhere to accommodate that. 

The formula of the shadows themselves is typical of ABH. They are smooth and buttery and really easy to blend out. The shimmers aren't too grainy or patchy and there's very little to no fall out. I was worried about Hot Chocolate being patchy but it's surprisingly smooth as well. Buttery is a tad chalky but for a very light matte shade that's pretty typical. The brush that is included is nice as well. It's actually usable with a fluffy blending brush on one side and a dense smudger brush on the other. 

Overall I'm quite pleased with this palette. The colors are beautiful and you can create a myriad of looks with just this one palette which is always nice. And for the price, $35 its one of the more affordable palettes on the market right now. 

What are you thoughts on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Self Made palette. Is it a hit or miss for you? Let me know in the comments be sure to check out my other Blogmas posts and follow me on Instagram for more pics and mini reviews. Have a fabulous day everyone!


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