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Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Lip Set | Blogmas Day 1

Happy Tuesday beauties! I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving last week! My husband returned from another deployment this past week so I've been busy getting back into a normal routine, but I'm back and ready to blog! This year I want to participate in Blogmas and I'm going to try to post something new everyday. Between reviews, #MOTD posts, nail posts and some little randoms thrown in there I'm hoping I'll be able to keep up. so bare with me ;)

Starting off blogmas, I'm going straight into a review and swatch of one of my most anticipated holiday limited edition sets, the Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca lip set. KVD came out with a similar set last year that I really enjoyed but this year I was drooling over it once I first started seeing sneak peaks. The set comes with eight Studded Kiss lipsticks (just like last year's) for $42, only this one has seven minis and one limited edition full sized lipstick. One full sized lipstick is $21 so the price is definitely a great deal, making it to be about $3 per mini. 

The box is a plain black box with pictures of each lipstick included. The letter detailing is  pretty foiled lettering ranging from pink to purple to green, very colorful and fun. The back of the box has the usual product description but what I like is that each shade is pictured with a description of the shade making it easier when deciding on whether to purchase or not. It drives me crazy when lip products don't have a good description of shades and if I can't see a proper swatch, especially with online orders. 

Inside the lipsticks are securely cased in a plastic form, and improvement from last year's packaging where the lipsticks were loose in the box.

 The packaging of the actual lipsticks is outright adorable. They are literally mini studded kiss lipsticks and I'm glad the KVD didn't skimp on the packaging like other brands tend to do on sets like these. You get a pretty decent amount of product even though the lipstick bullets are tiny, but really, these should last a while before you run out. The shades names with corresponding colors are on the bottoms of the tubes which is always super helpful. 

The lipstick feels pretty sturdy during application, compared to last year's set which literally had the entire bullet of lipstick breaking from the plastic tube when I applied it. I'm also so so happy to see that the caps stay on a little better than last year's set. The colors range from a wearable nude and a berry shade to a few wild colors which I actually really like. 

The first shade is Halo which is described as a high-octane Orange. It's a super bright orange with a hint of iridescence to it. It's not something I'd wear on the day to day, but it's definitely fun.
The next shade is NaYeon. It's described as a "heavy metal hit of gunmetal shimmer" and that's totally accurate. It's a dark almost black based packed full of glitter. It's a little grainy as expected and definitely not something I'd ever really wear, but it looks so cool that I just love it. 

I'm a sucker for purples, so Coven is one of my favorites. This is a matte lavender shade. I already own the full sized of this so I knew what to expect with it. On its own its a little too pale, but I like to mix it with reds and browns for a custom shade.

Next up is Sexer. Sexer is described as an "all night anthem of iridescent hot pink." It's definitely bright and has an almost frosty sheen. This was my least favorite but it's still a pretty color, definitely for darker skin tones I'd say.  

The deepest shade in the set is Wolvesmouth. This one is a pretty metallic Berry. I like that's its metallic without looking too frosty or shiny. It's a perfect winter shade for the holidays.
Bachelorette is a favorite amongst many so i was  happy to see it in this set. It's a red with pink/fuschia undertones which is fun and flirty without being as severe as a true red. 

The only nude in the bunch, Noble, is described as a "melody of matte petal pink nude." It's more salmon than pink and definitely a very light nude. I tend to wear it with a darker lip liner to give it depth or it can look a little like "concealer lips" lipstick.

The star of the show in the set is definitely the limited edition shade Gold Blooded. This is a full sized lipstick exclusive to this set and I know I had to get my hands on it. First off the packaging is awesome since its a white studded bullet. It looks sleep and polished and when i opened it to see that bright red, I just sighed. It's a gorgeous orange based red shade but what makes it special is its shot through with gold glitter. The glitter is slightly gritty, but not overly so, so it isn't too irritating on the lips. I absolutely adore it. If it were available to purchase outside of this set, I would definitely pick up a back up. 

Final thoughts? I love this set. Although there a few shades I know I'll probably never wear, this set is fun and definitely a good edition to my collection. I'm obsessed with Gold Blooded so that alone makes the set worth it in my eyes. What do you think? Let me know in the comments and thank you so much for reading!


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