Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Hooded Eyes | Tips and Tricks | Blogmas Day 2

If you have hooded eyes, you have probably figured out that some makeup looks just don't work on you. I myself have hooded eyes and it took a lot of trial and error to find makeup looks that not only flatter my eyes, but looks that do not accentuate my hooded lids or make my eyes look weighed down. I've compiled a little list of tips and tricks for hooded kids, so I hope you find these helpful. 

1. Brows
Eyebrows not only frame your face, but they can also open up the eyes. Shaping your brows with an arch can really give the appearance of a lifted lid, easing some of the heavy look of a hooded eyelid. Brows that are shaped without a prominent arch, or straight in the bottom can really make a hooded lid look even more hooded. 

2. Blending in the crease. 
With hooded lids, shadows that are blended directly into the crease can often times become hidden by the hood when your eyes are opened. Avoid this by blending your crease shades and transition shades right above the creased hood. Do this by blending while your eyes are open, so you can see exactly where you are placing the eyeshadow. 

3. Defining the crease
Adding a deeper shade to the crease can quickly look messy on hooded lids. Instead of blending your deeper shades directly into the crease, try swirling them on to the outer third of your eyelid and slightly above the outer crease. Blend in a rounded shape. This will help give the appearance of more rounded and wider eyes, instead of weighing the hooded kid down with dark eyeshadows. 

4. Shimmer on the lid
With hooded eyes, most eyeshadows placed in the lid transfer to the crease once you open your eyes. So if you want a little shimmer on your lid, try applying it to just the inner half of your lid or so, avoiding the bulk of the hood. With hooded lids, shimmer shadows that have bled to the hood can reflect light onto that hood, accentuating your hooded eyes making them appear smaller. 

5. Brow bone highlight
The same concept goes for highlighting the brow bone. A shimmery shadow applied to the brow brings attention to the hood, making it look heavy. Using a matte shade avoids this, thus not directing attention to the hood. 

6. Winged liner
Anyone with hooded eyelids who have tried winged liner may know how hard it is. You can have the most perfect line while your eye is closed but once you open it, the hood either cuts through your wing, or completely changes the shape of your liner. Help avoid this by drawing the outer half of your liner thicker, cutting directly into the hood and drawing your wing over it. It may look a little heavy while your eyes are closed, but it really helps give you a perfect wing once you open them. 

7. Waterline
Using a flesh tones or white eyeliner in the water line helps open the eyes up more, making them appear more awake and wider. With hooded eyes, this is especially helpful. When you use a black liner in the waterline, it closes off the eye making it appear smaller, so not you have a hood on top weighing down the upper lid, and black liner on the bottom closing off the bottom. 

8. Mascara and lashes
A good tip for hooded eyes is to use either a waterproof or long wearing mascara, like Benefit They're Real! Mascara. Throughout the day, the oils on your kids and the hood of your lid can cause the mascara to streak into the hood. For falsies, try to stick to styles that flair out on the ends. Even the daintiest lashes can overwhelm hooded eyes, effectively blocking any effort you put into your lid makeup, the a flared style helps give your makeup look a little glam with the lashes, but also still showcases the hard work you put into your makeup look. 

Hooded eyes are a pain, but with the right tips, you can really learn to work with them. While they'll probably frustrate me to no end, I've finally balky learned not to hate them and to embrace my hooded eyes. While I know I'll never be able to rock a perfect cut crease, or have that amazing graphic winged liner, I know that my eyes give me character. 

I hope you found these tips and tricks helpful! Rock your hooded lids and let me know some of your favorite tricks for hooded eyes!


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