Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Eve | Blue Brown Pigment + Glitter

Happy New Years Eve guys! Hopefully everyone is having an awesome day and maybe some fun plans for tonight? It's my last day with family in Arizona for me so no partying tonight, but we are still having fun, doing a pub crawl through downtown! 
Anywho, this year for New Years makeup, I wanted to steer clear from silver glitter or black glittery smokey eyes, since it seems like everyone and their mother is doing that. Instead, I dug out my Blue Brown Pigment from MAC and decided to play with that. This is what I came up with:
If you want to see what I did to create this look, keep reading!

First, like always, prime your eyes. I want my eyeshadow to last for hours and hours and especially on New Years. This will also give the pigment something to stick to. I used my Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer.

For my transition color, I took "Soft Brown" by MAC and blended that into the crease and a little above the crease. 

On to the pigment. The first thing I did was spray my brush with a quick mist of MAC's Fix+. This will really make the Blue Brown pigment pop. Then I patted the pigment into the lid. 

Cover the entire eyelid with the pigment, taking it up into the crease a bit. 

Then I took a little bit more of "Soft Brown" and blended out the edge of the pigment to make it smooth. 

Next I took a bit of Chocolate from Anastasia Beverly Hills and blended a tiny bit of it into the outer crease, just to add some definition. 

For the undereyes, I took whatever was left on the brush I used with the pigment and blended it into the lower lashes, bringing it down a bit. 

If you want to stop here and add mascara that's perfectly fine, but I wanted a little more drama so I pulled out some gel liner and drew in a wing. 

I then brought the gel liner into the waterline, smudging it in the lash line and then connecting it with the top liner in the inner corner to create a cat eye. 

I wanted a little sparkle so I used my NYX gold glitter liner and traced that over the black gel liner wing. 

To finish the look, I popped on some of my favorite Demi whispies and mascara and that's it! (Excuse the dry winter hands)

I loved how this turned out! Dark and smokey with a bit of glitter and it's perfect for New Years! 

I hope you liked this tutorial! What are your plans for tonight? Have someone in mind for a New Years kiss?

Stay safe tonight everyone and have an awesome New Years Eve!


Products used:
Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer
MAC Soft Brown Eyeshadow
MAC Blue Brown Pigment
Anastasia Beverly Hills Chocolate eyeshadow 
Morphe Brushes Black Gel Liner
NYX Gold Glitter liner
Ardell Demi Whispie Lashes

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Favorites | Lipsticks and Glosses

Welcome back everyone! So this is my final installment of my 2014 favorites and I decided to save the best (the best to me at least) for last: Lips! This last year I really stepped up my lipstick game and tried to branch out from my usual sheer nudes, but I failed, since my favorite this year were all pretty much haha. I've always loved lipstick and it's always been my favorite makeup product and it was SOOO hard to choose just a few! Included in this post are my top ten favorite lip products from 2014. Enjoy!
  • Velvet Teddy by MAC- This has been one of my all time favorite lipsticks for years and I doubt that will ever change. Velvet Teddy has that perfect balance between brown and pink. Its so versatile too since practically any skin tone can wear it.

  • Tea Time by BH Cosmetics- Usually I don't like buying lipsticks online since I can't swatch them but I took a chance with this one and I am so happy that I did. Its a beautiful peachy pink shade that has made a permanent home in my purse for days when I want to throw some lipstick on. It's a beautiful nude and I like how it turns up a little more orange on my lips than pink.

  • Lovecraft by Kat Von D- Lovecraft is very similar to Velvet Teddy, but it pulls a little more purple on my lips and I have really been digging that this past year. I love how creamy and moisturizing this lipstick is too, which is rare for a matte formula.

  • Saucy Mauve by L'Oreal- I have never really been a fan of any of L'Oreal's lipsticks and I bought this one on a whim and it turned out to be one of my most worn this year. its a really pretty mauve color (hence the name ha) and I was surprised at how opaque and creamy this lipstick was without being too slippery or feathering a ton.

  • Nude Crème by Milani- Milani lipsticks have always been a hit with me since I first started wearing lipstick and this color is so pretty that I've accidentally bought it four times. I'm just drawn to it. it literally is the perfect nude for my skin tone. Not too pink, not too orange, perfect. I also like how this cream formula is a little dryer so it doesn't slip around on my lips. 

  • Honeylove by MAC- I've had a love hate relationship with Honeylove and this last year I finally figured out the tricks to make this work for me. its a very light nude, a color that can easily wash me out but with the right liner this lipstick is amazing. Its more beige on me with subtle pink undertones and its been one of my everyday go-to lipsticks

  • Touch of Spice by Maybelline- everyone went wild when Maybelline introduced their creamy matte line this last fall and I was no exception. I bought all ten shades (check out my review and swatch HERE) and Touch of Spice has been my favorite! It literally screams fall. Its that perfect mix between dusty rose and vampy red and I've literally gone nuts for it.

  • Goddess by Lorac- Goddess has literally been my shade this year. This was the first purple lipstick that I was brave enough to wear outside of the house and I am hooked. It is a beautiful violet shade and the formula is AMAZING! So creamy and opaque and the staying power is awesome. Four hours later and it always looks freshly applied.

  • Nude Touch Brilliant Shine Lip gloss by Milani- This last year I have been obsessed with this lip gloss. Alone it is a pretty beige nude but it literally can be worn over any lipstick to amp things up. I also love how its smooth and not the least bit sticky, which I absolutely hate with lip glosses.

  • Éclair Butter Gloss by NYX- When NYX first released these butter glosses, I went out and bought every shade, but Éclair has been my most loved for sure. its a pretty cotton candy pink but doesn't come off as too Barbie or too girly and I love to add a touch of this over my red or pink lipsticks. It really is beautiful and again, the formula is perfect for a lip gloss.

Well that does it for my 2014 favorites! I can't wait to see what 2015 brings and what products ill fall in love with next year. Who knows, maybe some of this year's products will make the list!
What have been some of your favorite makeup products from 2014? I'd love to hear in the comments and thanks for reading!
Have a fun and safe new year everyone!
Products Mentioned:
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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Easy Eyes | Everyday Look: Venus Palette

Hello everyone! I hope you all had an awesome Christmas full of family and lots of good food! I've been super busy here in Arizona the last few days, just soaking up all the family time that I can get. Along with busy days comes easy makeup for me so I thought I'd share this look I did yesterday. 
It's a super simple no liner/no lashes look using just one palette, the Venus palette by Lime Crime. I really liked how it turned out, so if you'd like to see how I did this keep reading!

As always, the first thing I did was prime my eyes. Even on simple makeup days I always primer lids since they tend to get a little slick throughout the day. I used my Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer.  

For my transition shade, I used this matte brown shade called "Divine." It's doesn't show up too well, but it's going to help the other shadows blend out a little smoother later on.  

Next I mixed "Venus" and "Muse" and blended that into the crease as well. 

Now pack on the shade "Muse" on your brush and lightly pat it on to the outer third of the lid. Don't worry about blending too much right now, we'll do that in a bit. 

Take the shade "Rebirth" and pat that into the middle of the lid, stopping at the crease.

Time to blend. Use a soft fluffy brush to lightly blend the two shades together.  

For the inner part of the lid and the inner corner, I used a small flat brush to pack on the frosty white shade "Aura."

Again, use a fluffy brush to blend "Aura" with "Rebirth."

I used "Aura" again on the inner part of my lower lashes. 

On the outer part of the lower lashes, I again mixed a bit of the shades "Venus" and "Muse." Be sure to blend that out really well. 

I didn't want any liner with this look, but I still wanted some depth around the lash line so with a small angled brush, I packed in the shade "Icon" close to the lash line. And again, this was blended out. 

Now add a few coats of your favorite mascara. This sample size of the Too Faced Better Than Sex was sitting on my desk so I used that. 

And that's it! Like I said before, I really like how this turned out. The colors all work so well together in this palette and this look is so effortless and easy for anyone to do on simple makeup days. It's understated but still very pretty. 

What do you think? What are some of you go-to products or looks for simple makeup days? I'd love to know and please feel free to comment below any thoughts or suggestion on this post!

Have an amazing day guys!


Products Used:
Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer
Lime Crime Venus Palette
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

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